One access to many carriers

Powerful services

FREIGHT.AERO gives forwarders and shippers a consistent way to transact with many of the world’s leading cargo carriers. Here are some of the highlights.

  • One login

    One login

    Consistent access to many of the world’s leading
    cargo carriers

  • Real-time


    Accurate information,
    direct from carrier systems

  • More services

    More services

    Check schedules and availability, book and enter air waybills. More soon

  • No contracts

    No contract

    No contracts or charges; register your branch now


Powerful features

FREIGHT.AERO provides you with powerful features that help meet your everyday cargo needs.

  • Green tick

    Schedules and Availability

    • View schedules of any FREIGHT.AERO carrier without logging in.
    • If you are logged in, you can either select all carriers on the service, or those you select.
    • You can then click to Book.
  • Green tick


    • Create, update or cancel a booking.
    • View bookings for a date range.
    • Use airline AWB stock.
    • Use templates if you make similar bookings often.
  • Green tick

    Master & House AWBs

    • Send master and house air waybill information to airlines.
    • Use templates if you make similar bookings often.
  • Green tick


    • You can track up multiple shipments at once, each of which can be on different carriers.
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