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Frequently Asked Questions

FREIGHT.AERO is a service that provides access to many of the world's leading carriers from one portal. Functions include schedule and availability checks, booking and air waybill entry and update, and shipment tracking.
Who is behind FREIGHT.AERO?
The service is run by CHAMP Cargosystems as a carrier-neutral service.
Will I be invoiced for using the service?
There are no charges for users of the service. All we ask is that you accept our Terms of Use and Privacy policies which are available from the home page.
What does "My Carriers" stand for?
For some services like Schedule inquiries you can inquire on one or several carriers that you choose or on all carriers on the service. You can also select "My Carriers" in which case the inquiry will go to those carriers with whom your branch office is approved.
How can I request access to carriers?
In the drop-down box on the home page, select "Add Carrier(s)" and complete the requested details. FREIGHT.AERO will automatically contact the carrier with your branch details and, when they have approved access, you will see them in the carrier drop-down selection for functions like booking and air waybill.
How can I create a booking and transmit master or house waybill information?
Select the carrier you want to work with from the drop-down list on the home page. Then click the Booking menu and, later the Shipment menu.
Why is the carrier I would like to book on, not shown in the "My Carrier" drop-down?
Probably because you have not requested access to it or because it has not approved your access through the service for some reason. Best to ask the carrier directly.
Who can I contact if I have questions?
Select "More" and then, in the sub menu, "Contact Us". That will allow you to contact FREIGHT.AERO for service questions or to contact individual carriers for business questions related to them.
What is a user administrator?
A user administrator is the first person at a branch office to register for the service. They can request access to carriers and appoint other user administrators (who have the same rights to request carrier access) or other users who don't but can still make bookings and transmit air waybills on approved carriers.
Does every (potential) user needs to register with FREIGHT.AERO?
Only the first user of a branch (participant) needs to be registered with the company.
How can an administrator create further user?
Please select "Create User" and fill in all necessary data. You find that after log in within "Administration" in the top header of the portal.
I forgot my user name and password - what can I do?
Please select "Forgot my Password" and enter the e-mail address that you registered with the service. The service will check the details and send a mail to that e-mail address.
How can I change my password?
After you have logged in, click on your name at the top of the header and select "Change Password".
How can I enter my air waybill stock for carriers I work with?
Select the carrier from the home page drop-down "My Carriers" list. In "Administration" the menu option "AWB Stock Control" is available.
Why do I only get back some airlines when I do a schedule or availability request?
Most likely because other airlines do not offer the requested routing or have the requested availability.
How can I maintain Shipper, Consignee or To Notify data?
Go to "Administration"
I sent a booking, which is now "pending" what does that mean?
Your booking has been sent to the carrier but requires that they do more checks. The system will send a message to you when the status changes.
How can I contact airlines and system administrator?
Airlines and system administrator can be contacted here